Our main offer is the center’s infrastructure, which gives you a workspace apart from your live production line—a place where you can test and consult with our partners and us whenever needed. Our center provides flexible testing sites and is integrated into the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne.

Procedural testing

Our team will generate an individual test case based on your input and analyze requirements and processes. We provide a setup in a controlled and supervised environment. The results of the tests are summarized in a comprehensive report that helps you decide further development.
Routine testing done at the S3C are:


S3C offers interactive courses to train your workforce.

Course 1 - Interactive Parcour (Entry Knowledge Level)

S3C offers an interactive, 2-hours tour through a parkour with selected cobotic demonstrators (in collaboration with SIPBB, SSF and BFH). You will learn about different types of cobots and related technologies and will make first hands-on experience in working and (re-)programming a cobot.

Course 2 - Learn to Instruct Cobots (Entry to Medium Knowledge Level)

Coming Soon


We evaluate your options and ideas with you! The S3C team will perform an individual or an on-site analysis at your production site to assess your needs and potential for cobotic solutions. We produce a personalized report for your company including recommendations for integration of cobotic solutions.

Work description

Register for A webinar

A webinar is the best way to start your journey in cobotics. Several times a month, we invite you to join us for a compact overview of what can be achieved in modern production environments.