Cobotic Opportunity

Right now, collaboration between humans and machines can be extended, improved and opened to new possibilities. Integrating cobotics into your production can:

What is Cobotics?

A cobot (collaborative robot) is a versatile automation tool to perform and/or support a variety of production processes. Thanks to integrated safety technology, a cobot can work directly with humans – or, like classic industrial robots, perform its work alone. The advantages of cobots unfold through new possibilities of working directly next to and with people in the production environment.

What makes cobots a good choice?


Significantly less investment cost for cobot and external safety equipment. Cobots do not require a security fence.


Better use of limited production area in many Swiss SMEs, even in non-collaborative production scenarios.


Simplified programming enables quick conversion to new tasks – even for non-experts.

The stages of robotic collaboration

The following technological roadmap shows the differences and benefits of cobotic implementations

Without Cobots


This is the standard today, a fenced-in robot that does not collaborate or share its workspace.

Most Cobots Today


No more fences but workforce and machines do not collaborate or share their workspaces.

Some Cobots Today

Sequential Collaboration

Robot and human can work on the same product in the same space but not simultaneously.

Cobots Tomorrow


Robots and workers work on a product simultaneously.

Cobots Tomorrow

Responsive Collaboration

The cobot anticipates and reacts to the human’s movements in real time.

Where is your company on the cobotics roadmap?

Whether you are just starting out or expanding your Cobotics integration: join the conversation!

"If used correctly, collaborative robots promise higher productivity and avoid the relocation of production from high-wage countries such as Switzerland to other countries."
Dr. Gabriel Gruener, Professor at the BFH and S3C board member
"A Cobot is the Swiss Army knife for production - a multi-tool capable to flexibly support a variety of your manufacturing processes"
Dr. Dominic Gorecky, Head of Swiss Smart Factory and S3C board president

The challenge in Cobotics

While higher levels of collaboration are still topics of R&D, you can start your shift to cobotic automation with us today. Be in the best position to upgrade and evolve as this technology works its way into the foreground of manufacturing.

The Process

Changing a rigid production line into a flexible cobotic process.

The Product

Adapting the product to be suitable for manufacturing with cobots.

Human-Machine interaction

Building machines that empower your workforce. Training your workforce the most efficient way.


What is the return on investment (ROI) for collaborative solutions? What is the degree of flexibility that a collaborative solution can achieve?

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